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Applet Composer - A completely visual design studio for fast, robust, and unique applet customization.

Quickly and easily customize applets with Applet Composer's 100% visual interface.

Includes a host of our most popular navigation and presentation systems such as the Slide Tree Menu on the home page.


  The simple to use visual interface wrapped around OpenCube's highly customizable applets makes Composer the ultimate applet design tool for all web developers.

The evaluation version of Composer contains several FREE license Applets for use on the internet, including Smooth Scroll Up II (implemented in the upper left corner of this page).

Fully Functional Evaluation Downloads

Applet Composer v2.0 - (Win32 - 95,98,NT) - 4MB
Alternate Download - (Win32 - 95,98,NT) - 4MB

Applet Composer v2.0 - (Mac) - 8MB
Applet Composer v2.0 - (Unix) - 2MB

Information & Ordering
  What's Included? - The purchased version of Applet Composer includes the complete visual design studio, help files, sample implementations, tech-support and a license to display the software in multiple locations on your web site.

Price: $189.00

By Phone (Visa, MasterCard, Amex): 207-947-1955
Online Ordering (Secure Form Option)


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